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Low Power Deep Learning

By efficiently utilising the GPU in smartphones and IoT devices, Aipoly is more energy efficient than relying on the cloud for deep learning and AI tasks.


Real-time image recognition becomes a possibility in any modern portable device, giving vision intelligence to the items you interact with every day, locally, without any privacy concern.

Faster than the Cloud

By running convolutional neural networks directly on the device, Aipoly functions without needing an internet connection.


Our optimisation of deep learning makes Aipoly around ten times faster than cloud solutions for image recognition, using no bandwidth at all.

Empowering Accessibility

Aipoly Vision is a free iOS app assisting the blind and visually impaired with navigation and object recognition. It's available in 7 languages and can identify thousands of objects in real-time. Sighted users can teach Aipoly new items and help tens of thousands of blind users.


285 million people worldwide have low vision or blindness, a disability costing $139 billion a year in the US alone.

Bringing Deep Learning AI to All Devices




Robotics & Industrial

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